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the job

Sistah came to visit me in Hawaii. We were driving along one day and she shared that she wished she could live on the island near me.

Me being me, I said, “Then move here.”
She laughed. It was exactly what she would expect me to say.

We are each the captain of our own ship. If you don’t stand at the wheel of your helm, someone else will happily step up and try to take over your life vessel for you.

After we shared a chuckle, I didn’t let her off so easy. “I’m serious. Why are you holding back?”

“Even if I could get a job here, my profession is so unique, it would probably have to be on another island. I know Oahu is the center for most of the health care in the state. I would have to live in Honolulu. I could switch specialties, but then my pay would go down. If my pay went down, I don’t believe I could afford to live here. Blah, blah, blah….”

She didn’t really say the blah, blah, blah….part. I added that.

There’s a magic moment in my mind that switches off negative thought information receptors when it reaches a certain point. I am not consciously aware of when it is going to happen. I just notice that I’m paying attention to the shape of the cloud over the ocean and not at all focused on the conversation in front of me.

When my awareness snaps back to the inside of the car I say, “Quit telling me what you believe you can’t have or don’t deserve. Tell me what you want!”

Well! That stops the mindless negativity.

Sistah takes a moment and then shares that she would like to have a six figure income working in the heart health field, which is her specialty. She would be in a clinic with a doctor that valued a balanced life style and be able to have flexible hours in a four-day work week. She would live on my ranch with me and the doctor would be willing to give her 4-6 months to get her affairs in order winding down her current home and job.

Now we were getting somewhere.
When we got back to my casa, I gave her a computer, paper and a printer.

“Write your resume,” I said. “Tomorrow I’ve got an appointment near the hospital and you are going after your dream.”

I know you are wondering…

What happened?

Sistah took her resume to the hospital. As she handed it to the woman at the front desk, the receptionist said, “We are not accepting any applications unless you have experience in the heart health field.”

Just that easy.

An Oahu doc was looking to open a practice 3-4 days each week on the Big Island. He’d already gone through one family breakup because of working long hours and now he was passionate about maintaining a balanced work and play lifestyle. He was just getting his office space settled, so he needed time to get it together before Sistah could start. Fill in the blank. If she asked for it, the answer was Yes!

Life is always saying Yes! ALWAYS.

Sometimes the Yes! is to your belief that you don’t deserve something or can’t have something.

It’s still a Yes!

It’s so important to become your own Sherlock Holmes. Pay attention to EVERY thought you are thinking. Whatever life is delivering to you is in direct response to the repetitive thoughts you are thinking.

If you affirm once a day that you deserve sufficient financial support and then affirm fifty times a day that you are worried about the house payment/car payment/school tuition/groceries/cost of gasoline/etc., guess which thought pattern wins. I’ll give you a clue….it’s not the one affirmation that makes you feel good, unless the one that feels good is the one you keep repeating.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just. Stop.

A boat in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what boats were built for. Get out there and live. Ask for what you desire. Think of this magnificent universe as your own personal genie lamp just waiting to be rubbed. Make a wish. When you do, I expect you will have an inspiring story, too. I look forward to hearing it.

Peace Out~



One Thought on “the job

  1. Connie Smith on February 19, 2016 at 6:45 pm said:

    The nature of the good and benevolent Universe and it’s unconditional love that allows all that we live. Ah, I love your life stories that illustrate the theory and bring them forth in earthy shape and weight. Thank you

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