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My Sistah and I live thousands of miles apart from each other. We really enjoy each other’s company and so we decided to do something about minimizing the crazy distance that we geographically have between us. We bought a piece of property half way between her house and mine.

It’s Awesome.

For the past thirty plus years, the place was owned by one woman. She decided to move closer to her grand kids back in England and so we picked up a place that was a perfect location….and…..errr…..it needed some sistah love to make it a match in the style department.

Let me first explain that manifesting magical moments runs deep in my family. That being said, when me AND my Sistah get together she says it best, “You better fasten your seat belts, ‘cause we are on a rocket ship to the stars.”

We furnished the almost 1,900 sqft of living space with consignment and thrift store finds.

I thought the $400 custom dining table and six chairs was a steal. The $25 we paid for the outdoor chaise, two chairs, two ottomans and a table from Craigslist seemed like the creme de la creme of our furniture manifesting.

And then we found the table.

It was trash day. It was also garage sale day. Over time, we have discovered that day is a score waiting to happen.

Sistah and I were cruising the streets around our house looking for a coffee table to put in the master bedroom. We had been to the usual haunts. The thrift store on the main street offered nada. The consignment store had one we thought looked promising. We even asked the sales lady to put a 24 hour hold on that one. It was $100.

We really thought that we could do better.

We hit a garage sale and spent $50 on two beach cruiser bikes that we knew we would use to pedal around our little town. At another yard sale we found a great guitar and a mirror that perfectly matched the furniture in the second bedroom. We splurged $80 on those.

It was late in the afternoon and still we had not found our coffee table.

We were on our way home with the rented mini van full of bikes, guitar, mirror and more when we spotted the furniture on the sidewalk.

I guess I should explain.

I am not sure why, but people in our little town put things that they no longer want out on the sidewalk when they are ready to pass them forward. Some things may take a few days to find their new home, but it is rare that they sit there for long. I’ve never lived anywhere like it. I love it on so many levels. It offers anyone with a snitch of creativity the opportunity to create something. It’s recycling at its finest.  All those clichés about one man’s trash being another’s treasure apply here.

So, here we are in our cram-packed car and we see a couch sitting on top of a coffee table. Yikes! We jammed for the house, unloaded our booty in record time and headed back for ‘the find’.

Phew! It was still there. Sistah and I lifted the couch off. By the way, it was a pretty nice couch. Good thing we already had one because I don’t think it would have fit in our Dodge CaraVan.

Under the sofa was the coffee table.

Let me give you a visual.

It’s a coffee table that someone else has literally thrown out with the trash. It looks like a family of gorillas has danced on it while living outside in the back yard for the past ten years. The top is warped. One leg is beat. It is washed out and faded with peeling varnish. It is also sturdy and we think it is a treasure. Plus….It’s FREE!


We load it in the van and take it home. My Sweetie and Sistah’s Honey are not impressed. We are undaunted by their decidedly cold reception. We can dream even if they can’t see our vision yet.

Sistah and I are up for the challenge.

There’s a great shop in our town that sells a paint, Chalk Paint (check it out-it’s so fun!), that goes right over anything. No need to sand. No need to prep. It’s Fab. Not only do they have the paint, they also offer classes in how to refinish furniture. And…..guess what? They were offering a class the week that Sistah and I are vacationing in our property. It’s synchronicity in motion.

The teacher was so excited about our table. She has a shop in an upscale area down-the-road and she thought the bones on this piece would be super desirable. Well, two hours later, the result was magnificent. She offered to sell our piece for $900 retail and we could split the profit.

We told her no thanks and happily took our table home.

Sweetie and Honey were amazed at the transformation. Sistah and I were high-fiving each other.

No fuss. No muss. Ease, grace and PERFECTION. Once again, I trusted my universe and once again, my universe showed up. It’s your universe, too. I trust that you can do the same.

With love and Aloha, y’all….

Peach Out!




11 Thoughts on “tables

  1. You make your Mommie and I proud. You do know some of our best times have been on scouring new territories for just such hidden treasures awaiting discovery and a new incarnation

  2. Janice Baxter on April 28, 2014 at 11:54 am said:

    Sweeeet story! That IS how life works at its’ best. Happy to hear you and Sis are connecting. So where is your place? Anywhere close? Would love to see you and be in the presence of your shining essence!
    Aloha and Namaste!

  3. Karen MacIsaac on April 28, 2014 at 5:23 pm said:

    Way to go !!!

    Way to be !!!!!

    On the yellow brick flow…

    What will you see…..

  4. Sistah on April 29, 2014 at 1:16 am said:

    With our energies combined, we can manifest incredible things!

    The table is proof to never judge at first glance, because underneath the dust, scratches and worn wood there may be a great story and with the right energy, room to create more!


  5. Connie Smith on May 2, 2014 at 3:43 pm said:

    Inspiring story of being in alignment with your desires. Playing, imagining, laughing, enjoying, expecting to find/manifest your desires …way to show the way.

  6. Just like you!

  7. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.

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