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lucky charms

I had a nice long layover in my Mom’s hometown for her birthday.  It was so great to spend time with her celebrating her day of birth.  Mom came to planet Earth on the 17th of March.  Yep, Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland and Mom was born on the day we celebrate Patty’s life – a fews years later, of course.  The story goes that Patrick, back in 432ish, used the three leaves of the shamrock to teach the Holy Trinity to the Pagans of Ireland.  For me March will forever be associated with the color green, four-leaf clovers and Mom.  

Full of St. Patty’s Day energy, Mom has always been able to pluck a four-leaf clover from any patch.  It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.  I could look and look for a four-leaf clover and my momma would come along, bend down and pick one from among the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of little green heart shaped plants.  She is still talented that way.  As a child I wondered if she found them in the same place that I had just combed over, or if they magically appeared in her hand.  She called them her lucky charms.  I even adored a cereal by that name when I was a kid.  Can you spell shhshhhshhhugar rush?  How my Mom handled the flash and crash that comes from children on sugar cereal is a subject for another day.

Suffice it to say, I was lucky to grow up with a mom who showed me over and over that half of the job of manifesting was believing that you could find that which you were searching for without efforting…although four-leaf clovers are still HER specialty.

I was lucky in other ways, too.

Scientific evidence suggests that at birth a baby’s brain has around 100 billion neurons.  As the neurons mature, synapses connect the brain cells allowing information exchange.  At birth the connection is around 2,500 synapses per neuron and by the time we are two or three there are approximately 15,000.  In the first ten years of life we literally form trillions of connections.  PHEW!  Can you imagine if your social networking grew at that pace?

What does this have to do with luck?  I know you weren’t expecting a science lesson here.

Well here is another fun fact floating through (FFFT…hey, my cat makes that sound!) the scientific community; at six months a baby can recognize company logos and before they are two they have brand loyalties.  Yikes!

When I was a kiddo, two of my favorite television shows were “Bewitched” and “I Dream Of Jeannie”.  Scientifically speaking, I was brought up believing that with a twitch of my nose or a nod and a wink I could create something from nothing.  How cool is that?  And if that wasn’t enough, it wasn’t too much later that Captain Kirk came along and told me that I could, “boldly go where no man has gone before”.   (I was sure he meant women, too.  Have you seen Uhura?  Definitely woman.)  I thought magic was real and my world was an unlimited universe just waiting for me to explore.

My neurons learned early that anything is possible.

What happens if you weren’t brought up with such a magical childhood?  Well science supports you there, too.  There are loads of self-help books that tout the twenty-one day rule.  You know, the one that says if you do something for twenty-one days you will form a new habit.  Science actually suggests that the ability to change isn’t a myth, but the timing might be.  For some, changing a habit can happen in a couple of minutes or a couple of days or a week or two.  For others it might take nine months.  The thing that IS clear is that it requires a conscious desire for change, the ability to break it down into manageable steps, and the willingness to repeat the habit you are aiming for over and over.  If you have ever driven on a snowy highway that has been all rutted up, you get the picture of what’s going on here.  The first step is to get out of the rut and to start breaking down the edges to make the transition more smooth.

Every day, every minute, every second offers an opportunity to begin again.  If you’re not loving your life, every aspect of it!, begin again.

Hold on a sec.  Did you read that?

Right now, you can start to live your life differently.

And Now…

And Now…

And Now…

You got it?

Having a tough time envisioning a brand new way of living?  Look around.  Who do you find inspiring?   Start searching for someone to help you build a better pattern for your life.  It’s a bit like building a house.  You know you want a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen, etc.  BUT, the way you want your house to look is uniquely you.  Can’t find a blueprint you like?  Cut out inspiring pictures and words.  Make up your own story.  Create a vision board or journal of what you want your life to look like.  Just by taking the time to bring dreams to the physical reality of putting it on paper, you’ve taken a huge step towards knowing what you want and starting the magic of making dreams come true.

Can it be that easy?  You bet!  It’s just as effortless as bending down and pulling out a four-leaf clover from a giant patch of St. Patty’s day green.


If at anytime you change your mind (what?!?…that never/everyday happens in my whirled) and you feel you’ve outgrown this new life or habit that you’ve created, what can you do?  You can begin again.

Dance between the was and will be, Peeps.  Every moment of every day…every step along your way.

Sending buckets and bushels of four-leaf clover magic your way,


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