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the job

Sistah came to visit me in Hawaii. We were driving along one day and she shared that she wished she could live on the island near me. Me being me, I said, “Then move here.” She laughed. It was exactly what she would expect me Read More

lucky charms

I had a nice long layover in my Mom’s hometown for her birthday. It was so great to spend time with her celebrating her day of birth. Mom came to planet Earth on the 17th of March. Yep, Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland and Mom was born on the day we celebrate Patty’s life – a fews years later, of course. The story goes that Patrick, back in 432ish, used the three leaves of the shamrock to teach the Holy Trinity to the Pagans of Ireland. For me March will forever be associated with the color green, four-leaf clovers and Mom. Read More


For years and years, Sweetie and I were allowed to live and share space in Tigger, The Orange Tiger Kitty’s, house.  She let us share her bed, her kitchen and occasionally share her/our cup of water as we worked around the house.  Anyone with a Read More